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Who's Italian Coffee Company?
Established in 1991, Italian Coffee Company’s headquarter started in Taipei. Italian Coffee Company (ICC) is a leader and standard-setter in the beverage industry. We are bridge builders, bringing the West to the East, and go beyond pioneering quality products in East Asia. We provide unparalleled products and product training to make our clients formidable competitors in the market.

In 2002, ICC expanded its business into China and set up an office in Shanghai.
  • The FIRST to introduce Italian coffee machine as well as syrups into Taiwan and China market 28 years ago. Began our syrup journey with Monin.
  • Developed Taiwan and China syrup Market from 0 bottles to 600K bottles per year.
Our Mission
Setting the standard for the HORECA industry by providing quality service as well as healthy, high quality and unique products to enrich the lives of the consumer market.  

Our Philosophy
  • Dedication to the search for high-quality products        
  • Commitment to the quality of service
  • Consistently aiming to set the standards for the HORECA industry.
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